Economics and Environment

Economics and Environment is engaged in applied research in the fields of Environmental Technologies, Geodesy and Construction Management.

  • Construction Management – assessing the economic efficiency of construction projects, appraising real estate, assessing the overriding public interest, examining the impact of infrastructure construction on regional development.
  • Urban Engineering – wastewater treatment technology; drinking water treatment; waste management;   the   study,   measurement,   diagnosis   and   evaluation   of the technical condition of infrastructure; drinking water and wastewater chemistry; investigating the interdisciplinary linkage between buildings, infrastructure and region;
  • Energy   Diagnostics   of   Buildings   and   Regions   “Smart   Cities   and Regions” – optimization and streamlining of energy flow in regions, local areas, buildings; planning and management of buildings with nearly zero energy consumption; energy management of territorial units;
  • Geoinformatics – survey of the current status of land, contemporary building design, including 2D and 3D documentation; processing and digitization of maps, GIS applications  included;  the  inventorizing  of   the   status   of   structures   and technical units; creation of 3D models using both stationary and mobile terrestrial and airborne laser scanners.

Main area of specialization of the research group:

  • testing and development of new wastewater and drinking water treatment technologies;
  • energy, ecological and sustainable concepts for the development of urban settlements and regions;
  • geodetic, photogrammetric and  metrological  support  for  building  activities  and research;
  • development and verification  of  methodologies  for  measuring  the  thermal  and microclimatic properties of buildings and parts of structures;
  • research into methodologies for the economic analysis of macroeconomic projects.