The representatives of the AdMaS Center participated on 26 February 2019 in the event organized by the Ministry of Industry and Trade in Prague called BIM Concept 2022. The aim of this event was to familiarize key stakeholders in the process of introducing BIM technology in the Czech Republic with their activities and to allow for discussion. Representatives of the state administration, major public contracting authorities, designers, contractors, engineering chambers and universities presented their progress. AdMaS Center activities were presented at the event by the Center’s Director, Dr. Zdeněk Dufek. Among other things, he provided information on the BIM lifelong learning course, the completed public monograph on Public Construction, on the development of BIM models as a basis for evacuation models of people and models of smoky spaces and on a project that the Center will address within the National Competence Center CAMEB relating to linking virtual reality and BIM.