“Come with us to create the world around us”

From 20 to 22 June 2022, the event “Come with us to create the world around us” took place in the area of the AdMaS Center, the purpose of which was to increase the popularity of the Faculty of Civil Engineering among high school and grammar school students. The event was attended by about 300 students. The students were divided into small groups, which were accompanied throughout by group leaders from among our colleagues. At each stand, two groups always competed against each other, and the group that completed the task gained a better point. The group of students with the highest total number of points earned received a bag with items reminiscent of this event.

The event was organized by the director of the AdMaS Center, dr. Krejza and his team in cooperation with a team from the Department of Internal and External Relations, which also included the faculty mascot Beaver. Representatives of several departments of the Faculty of Civil Engineering at BUT took care of the students’ entertaining and educational program at 8 locations. At the 1st site, the Institute of Architecture provided activities connected with the presentation of the principles of urban planning and a demonstration of the obstacles of handicapped people in everyday life. At the 2nd site, the Institute of Geotechnics presented the importance of the basic conditions for the long-term stability of the building and prepared a practical demonstration of rock recognition and determination of their origin. At the 3rd site, the Institute of Construction Testing demonstrated the meaning of the serviceability limit state and prepared a practical demonstration of the effect of loading on the deformation of horizontal structures. At the 4th station, the Institute of Construction Economics and Management prepared for students a managerial call connected with the project management of the lego construction. The task of the students was to ensure the construction of the building according to the model as cheaply as possible and in the shortest possible time. At the 5th site, the Institute of Geodesy presented the possibilities of using modern GPS devices to find the exact position in the field, which is a prerequisite for each demarcation of the object before construction begins. At the 6th station, the Institute of Technology of Building Materials and Components bothered students with determining the bulk density of various materials, which at the same time had to be identified only by touch. At the 7th site, the Institute of Civil Engineering prepared a model of a housing unit, which students had to equip as efficiently as possible, find the best orientation of the housing unit towards the world and, as a bonus, students had to think about the functionality of individual layers of green roofs. At the 8th station, the Institute of Municipal Water Management made students think about the consumption of drinking water in the household and how the used water is drained outside the building.

The anonymous voting of the students showed that the most entertaining activities were project management of the Lega building, finding the exact location using a GPS device and demonstrating the obstacles of handicapped people in everyday life.

Due to the positive feedback from high school and grammar school students and their teachers, we are already thinking today about how to improve the whole event for next year.