The cooperation of individual AdMaS institutes with various workplaces in our state often very far from the construction industry, is very extensive. Archaeologists turned to the Center for Radiation Defectoscopy,a part of the Institute of Building testing with a very interesting problem. Thanks to fair treasure hunters, armed with suitable detectors, a sword was discovered near Znojmo, the origin of which is approximately estimated for the Iron Age, resp. for the Roman period. The sword was professionally picked up, but the high degree of corrosion does not allow its thorough cleaning, which could damage it or to remove important details. The sword was therefore imported to AdMaS and in the following period will be a subject to an X-ray inspection under the lead of Prof. Leonard Hobst,which should reveal the exact shape of the sword, details of production and possible decoration and the extent of corrosion damage. On the basis of this radiographic survey, archaeologists will subsequently decide on the further procedure and possible remediation of this important archaeological find.