In the week of May 20-24, 2019, Doc. Héctor Cifuentes Bulte of the University of Sevilla from Spain was a guest of the Institute of Structural Mechanics (STM), FCE BUT, with the support of the Internationalization project and the Institute of Materials Physics of the ASCR, v. I. Primarily, his guides were doc. Stanislav Seitl, prof. Zbyněk Keršner and Ing. Petr Miarka.

Doc. Cifuentes is a prominent expert in describing the behavior of building materials with a focus on scattered reinforced concrete, including fracture-mechanical aspects of their response to both static and dynamic loading (one of his lectors during PhD studies was Professor Bhushan L. Karihaloo, an expert on fracture mechanic of construction concrete) .

The guest was interested in the activities of the Mathematical Modeling research group (MM) with an emphasis on numerical simulations of structural stresses using experimental data and on the functionality of the methodology of complex analysis of building elements based on cement composites. He also appreciated the above-standard experimental possibilities of the AdMaS Center.

The main occupation of doc. Cifuentes was deepening of exclusive international contact, consultations with academic staff of STM / MM and with doctoral and master degree students, consultations on common and planned experiments, preparation of joint publication etc.


At the STM, he presented the attractively prepared presentation of Tensile-Fracture Behavior of Ultra-High-Performance Fiber-Reinforced-Concrete Subject to High Temperatures. In the lecture he discussed in detail the tensile and fracture properties of selected fiber reinforced concrete with very high utility properties, especially the influence of steel scattered reinforcement and thermal action.