Fire alarm training at the AdMaS Center

On 15/11/2022, a training session was held on how to proceed in the event of a real fire. The practice fire alarm training took place under the supervision of Bc. Zdeňky Jandové (OZO for BOZP and PO). The obligation to organize these drills is mandated by law for every building in which an increased fire risk can be assumed. In the case of the AdMaS Center, these were objects P2 and H.

Practice alarms are intended to alert everyone who uses the building in any way to the risk of fire and how to protect their own life and the lives of others. In the event of a fire, it is necessary to evacuate the building before the arrival of the Fire and Rescue Service units.

In addition to practicing the evacuation of all people from buildings, practice alarms also provide a practical test for fire patrols. Alarms, thanks to the simulation of a real situation, help to detect any deficiencies in fire protection.

The technicians verified the functionality of the evacuation system in full operation and were able to identify any deficiencies in the escape routes, which should be permanently passable and free. One of the frequent problems is the accessibility of firefighting equipment directly to buildings, which can be complicated by badly parked vehicles or test samples, placed outside the designated places, which then prevent the passage of firefighting vehicles.

The evacuation of all persons from buildings P2 and H took only 5 minutes.

Regular fire alarm training is important because it prevents injury to health and the occurrence of greater damage to the property of the Faculty of Civil Engineering of the University of Technology in Brno.