For healthier and better water in Brno

The project “For healthier and better water in Brno” implemented in cooperation with Brno Waterworks and Sewerage, a.s. and ALS Czech Republic s.r.o. In accordance with the assignment, the project team led by Prof. Hlavínek focused on monitoring the sources of drinking water for Brno and at the same time monitoring the wastewater produced in the city of Brno. As part of the annual campaign, the researchers of the AdMaS Center focused on the content of pesticides, drugs, hormones, microplastics in drinking water and came to a positive conclusion that both treated drinking water and surface and underground drinking water sources for Brno are high quality non-life-threatening micropollutants, hormones, narcotics.

In addition, during wastewater monitoring, they focused on the presence of industrial substances and heavy metals and found that wastewater is polluted as expected and, based on the monitored indicators, contains microplastics, pesticides, but also narcotics and other monitored substances (heavy metals, etc. .). Experts point out that technologies for the removal of micro-pollution in wastewater already exist. However, these are not yet widespread in practice, partly because the legislation of the Czech Republic does not require this.