On Saturday, November 14, 2020, Professor Kudrna spoke in the Czech Television news program “Studio ČT víkend” about his opinion on the construction of a tunnel next to the world monument Stonehenge in England, which provokes a lot of controversial opinions from both experts and the public.

After lengthy preparations, the British administration decided to build a continuation of the 4-lane A303 between London and the south-west of England, which runs just past Stonehenge. The road is only 2-lane, in front of this narrow section there are traffic jams with a significant impact on the environment, and therefore a generous solution was proposed using an excavated tunnel in a rock massif 1.7 km long with high investment costs.

Despite these facts, the British media held a number of protests and expert discussions, especially from the ranks of historians. Professor Kudrna is of the opinion that the construction solves the problems of transport and the environment and does not disrupt the work of historians, as the monuments stands only in the surface layers.