As in previous years, this year AdMaS was also attending a great Science Night held on October 5, 2018 from 18:00 to 24:00. This time there were two cars l carrying the children and their parents  from the Faculty of Civil Engineering at Veveří Street to  the center in Medlánky neighborouhood and back. In our premises we were happy to welcome children of all ages and degrees of curiosity for whom we have set up this program:

Pavilion P1

Laboratory of Road Construction:
• Demonstration of mixing of asphalt mixtures, including the production of test ensembles (the manufactured test ensembles can be carried away by the visitors as a small souvenir item).
• Can the asphalt surface absorb water? Practical demonstration of drainage carpet.
• Fire tests for asphalt surfaces – video demonstrations.
• Surface roughness of different road types – stop in time?
• The effect of the color of clothing on the visibility of people at night? Examples of reflective horizontal marking.

Laboratory of Construction Structures:
• Limit load bearing capacity of structural members. Visitors estimate the ultimate load-bearing capacity of the structural element of the given profile and the selected material in the bend under the boundary conditions of the plain bearing and the loading of two loads in the middle of the span. The real load capacity will be experimentally verified on the universal test machine, including tracking the violation of the selected model.
• Games with the center of gravity of the bodies. Identify the correct center of gravity determination of regular and irregular shapes verified at vertical stroke.

Pavilion P2

Concrete Technology Laboratory:
• Material disturbances from near.
• How many building materials will it last?
• Can you recognize building material?

Laboratory of Building Materials:
• Demonstration of devices and equipment for the examination of the properties of building materials.
• A view of the objects around us – X-ray tomography seriously and unconsciously.
• Light spells to display the structure of materials.
• Devil is hiding in details – possibilities of electron microscopy.

Pavilion P4

• Cloudy Cloud – A sample of laser scanning.
• Panorama of ladybird or what LadyBug can do.

Urban Engineering:
• Samples with sampler!

Building construction:
• Unmanned aerial aircraft simulator; hard on the drill field on the battlefield!
• The corner of Liebherr working models for children

Mathematical modeling (3D printer):
• Spatial materials.
• Periodic minimum areas, bio-inspired geometry and other mechanically beneficial structures.

Pavilion H

Laboratory of fire resistance of building components:
• Demonstration of flammability of various building materials.
• Fire resistance of structures – how to do it?