Students from EKO gymnasium visited AdMaS Center

On Tuesday 21.11. students of the Brno EKO Gymnasium came on an excursion to the AdMaS Center. During the morning, they had the opportunity to visit the laboratory of the THD Institute, where they could use experiments to verify the strength of concrete, the reaction of the material to fire, or to look at images of materials from an electron microscope. They also got hold of various materials that are used today in the construction of buildings.














The representatives of the VHO institute also showed them the waterworks based laboratory with examples of problematic sewage systems and the pyrolysis unit, in which sewage sludge and other waste materials from the WWTP are processed into biochar. Practical use of biochar coud be seen in the cconstruction of green parking spaces and innovative substrates used in the sowing of lawns on the open area of ​​P3.














On the premises of the center, the students also looked at an outdoor installation where green roofs and facades and wall-mounted solar panels are tested, at the production space of the Plastic Guys start-up, where waste plastic is processed into practical items for interiors, or at the robotics and 3D printing laboratory.