The highway of the future in harmony with nature

The AdMaS Centre is been participating in the processing of partial parts of the visionary conceptual project internally called the Green Highway.

The Directorate of Roads and Motorways of the Czech Republic assigned the solution team consisting of the innovative company SATTURN HOLEŠOV spol. s.r.o., the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Communication Technologies and the Faculty of Civil Engineering – AdMaS Centre the preparation of an initial technical-economic study of a selected section of the planned D55 highway entitled “Highway gallery with integrated photovoltaics and use of rainwater from the gallery in the landscape”.

The subject of the preliminary technical-economic study will be the effective use of solar radiation and rainwater during the implementation of the construction “D55 – section of the bird area Bzenec – Bzenec, Přívoz – Rohatec – solution with a gallery”. The aim of the study is to prepare a comprehensive qualified basis for the subsequent assignment of the implementation project.