Researchers from the AdMaS Center co-operate with Sweco Hydroprojekt a.s. and the German company Wagener & Herbst Management Consultants GmbH, on Analysis of Marketing Potential and Technical Parameters of the New Port Area of ​​the Czech Republic in Hamburg, commissioned by the Directorate of Waterways of the Czech Republic

The aim is to identify and quantify the marketing potential of the new port territory of the Czech Republic in Hamburg for trade between islands (and Europe using offshore maritime transport) and the Czech Republic, identification of opportunities for the port State’s function to support trade with the Czech Republic and identification of technical parameters for the port territory.

The new harbor area will reach the basic parameters of the area of ​​30 thousand m2, includeing handling and storage area, covered warehouse, administrative facilities, harbor walls 200-300 m long with a boat access to the boat about 11 m without limit of height, accesses of river boats without restriction, road and rail connection.

The port territory is under the jurisdiction of the Federal Republic of Germany, the Free and HanseaticCity of Hamburg, in the port territory without a defined customs territory or other access restriction, whereby the landlord of infrastructure to individual users will be the Czech Republic through the Directorate of Waterways of the Czech Republic. The port territory will be activated in the reference year 2022.