On 30 May 2018,  an ad-hoc workshop was held in the center of AdMaS in the meeting room of the P4 hall, which presented the results of the research project “Creating Partner Co-operation between GEOtest and the AdMaS Regional Center”.


The aim of the project is to apply and evaluate the unique on-line geotechnical monitoring of the primary collector in Brno. One of the subsections in connection with the primary assessment of the lining material of the said primary collector is the construction of a computational model for the investigated / pilot site. The workshop program presented:


  • compilation of a computational model for the investigated site
  • defining material parameter values based on laboratory tests
  • analysis of the weakened tunnel lining due to possible degradation of the materials


The workshop participants had the opportunity to see a geotechnical laboratory at the AdMaS center, which is also located in the P4 hall.

Project: “Creating a partnership between GEOtest and the regional research center AdMaS.”, Reg. No. CZ.01.1.02 / 0.0 / 0.0 / 15_013 / 0004874.