In addition to other activities, young scientists specializing in water management have a lot of work to do with several scientific research projects funded by the TACR – Zeta program.

Also thanks to the extraordinary technological background offered by the AdMaS center and the support of the above-mentioned program, a number of testing and verification of technologies focused on the use of wastewater potential (energy or technological) are now underway, as well as selected accompanying laboratory analyzes.

In connection with the urgent verification of possibilities and measures that respond to the current dry season, the area of ​​using the potential of so-called gray waters is very promising. This is also due to the fact that the use of gray waters has not yet been regulated in the Czech Republic.

AdMaSe is currently testing a technological unit for obtaining thermal energy from gray wastewater in combination with their treatment for further use – in buildings, for technological purposes, watering green roofs and facades, etc. This technology for recycling gray wastewater, which is solved in the project TJ02000190 (Collection and use of thermal energy from wastewater in combination with the use of treated water), is a highly topical issue, due to the prevailing dry climatic conditions and the need for careful water management.

Another tested technology is a functional sample of a thermal pyrolysis unit, within the project TJ02000262 (Processing of gastro waste into a solid carbonaceous product for material use). After processing the dried gastro waste by thermal pyrolysis technology, the resulting product is the so-called biochar – a solid carbonaceous product, which will first be subjected to characterization with the assumption of its subsequent certification for use as a fertilizer, possibly auxiliaries. This pyrolysis unit is placed in a container, thanks to which it is possible in the future to place it near the source of gastro waste and process it directly at the source.