In December 2020, the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic approved an application to extend the Center for Advanced Materials and Efficient Buildings project. CAMEB thus received funding by the end of 2022. 11 of the 12 original sub-research projects will continue.

The motivation for the establishment of the National Competence Center CAMEB was the decrease, resp. thinning of non-renewable natural resources, both material and energy, and the impact of this phenomenon on construction.

The National Center for Competence CAMEB (Center for Advanced Materials and Efficient Buildings) was established in 2019 in cooperation with the Czech Technical University in Prague, Brno University of Technology and twenty-eight other partners – universities and especially private companies. CAMEB associates partners with such competencies that will enable them to find better use of resources in construction. Based on life cycle optimization, we will be able to design better buildings using the principles of knowledge and circular economics. To do this, we also use modern technologies in the field of digitization, optimization, modeling and effective process control.

One of the goals of the CAMEB center is to develop direct cooperation between universities and companies on the basis of contract research, ie without state support.